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Work Remotely, Explore & Socialize Abroad

Work Remotely, Explore
& Socialize Abroad

Every month, we take a group of people to work remotely and explore a new destination. ExploreThere alleviates the uncertainties and risks of working remotely making it easy for you to have a productive live/work environment amongst like-minded coworkers.


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
April 2017


What's Covered?


Scout locations
Connect like-minded workers
Book accommodation & airport pick-up
Provide local advice


Book your flight
Bring your own work
Buy your own meals and drinks
Choose your own experiences

A Monthly Affair

Travel The World

One of the great things about the world today is that we have the opportunity to do most of our work remotely. Armed with a laptop, wifi and plenty of coffee we can work anywhere.

With the right group of people, proper planning and bravery to chart new waters, we find ourselves with nearly year round possibilities.

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