This FAQ will be updated as more questions come up. We expect this list to get pretty long because of all the ins-and-outs regarding group travel arrangements.


What is included in my booking fee?

Once your spot is confirmed, you are covered on housing arrangements for the duration of your stay. You can coordinate transportation to and from the airport with your house host. Food, alcohol and transportation during your trip are your financial responsibility. You can refer to your location specific FAQ and blog for details like packing lists, cost of living and recommendations for restaurants, bars, nightlife and excursions.

How do I get there?

When you claim your spot, your departure city and preferred departure time(s) will be logged. In order to help you find your best ticket option, the ExploreThere team will set up a flight price tracker and send e-mail updates on ticket prices from your departure city to your ExploreThere destination. Because our members will be coming from all over the globe, each individual is responsible for purchasing their own plane ticket.

How are house mates selected and arranged?

Based on your profile and questionnaire you'll fill out, the ExploreThere team will create house and roommate assignments. A significant amount of thought and planning goes into the groupings and pairings we make in order to facilitate enjoyable, synergistic and conflict-free living arrangements during your stay.

How does the ExploreThere team select locations?

Selecting locations isn't as simple as spinning the globe and slamming your finger on a spot. There's a lot of considerations that have to be made when we set out to work remotely.

  • The first qualifier is access to wifi/internet. Without that, we can't do our work.
  • Cost of living and modern amenities are second. No one likes cold showers.
  • Culture, history, nightlife and things to do.

When will I know who my housemates are?

We will notify members of their house and room assignments two weeks prior to the trip start date. At this point, you can e-mail your house host and housemates directly.

What about couples? Do we each have to pay the fee or is it per bed?

Each ExploreThere destination has different configurations of accommodations. Some rooms will have two twin beds per room, others will have one full or queen sized bed. Please let us know ahead of time.

I’m a single, can I pay extra for a double/queen bed?

These sorts of requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on accommodations.