Medellín, Colombia


Some quick notes about Medellín:

  • High of 71°F, low of 55°F
  • Great US Dollar Exchange Rate
  • Metropolitan Feel
  • Vibrant Food Scene
  • Coffee, Colombian Coffee
  • Set in the Mountains
  • Strong Technology Sector
  • Lots of Parks with Public Art
  • Numerous Museums

* We’ve all grown up hearing the stories of big, bad Colombia. Who hasn’t watched a movie with a cocaine-dealing, heartless drug kingpin as the villain? But in the last few decades, the country has come a long way in eliminating violence and making its cities safe for residents and tourists alike. Just use common sense like you would in any other major city in any other country. Don’t go around flashing wads of cash, don’t walk alone at night in unfamiliar neighborhoods, and don’t take candy from strangers. If you’re still nervous, remember you have a group of fellow ExploreThere travelers that are also eager to explore the city. Grab a buddy and dive into the local culture. By the time the month is done, odds are you’ll have made some local friends, anyway—their recommendations are usually spot on.

 El Peñón de Guatapé

El Peñón de Guatapé

So how does this work?

ExploreThere takes anywhere from 8 to 25 independent workers to a far away land for a two week to one month immersive adventure. Instead of quickly visiting a city for a few days, hitting the tourist spots, checking a bunch of things off your list and then flying back; we invite you to spend a little longer to experience the day-to-day cadence of the city.

We'll provide you a room and bed in a shared house, nestled in the heart of the city with a handful of other like-minded folks. The ExploreThere team will make sure you are paired up with compatible people based on a questionnaire, profile and short interview. We'll try to keep the early morning yoga folks together and the late night party animals in separate houses. We don't want an MTV Real World scenario.

Each house will have a host that works for ExploreThere. They will be your point of contact for transportation, recommendations or any emergencies that may come about. They will also be in charge of making sure everyone gets along and any conflicts are taken care of.

By in large though, once you've arrived, you're on your own to explore and plan your days out. Of course, having housemates will assist in keeping busy, grabbing meals together and sharing the tips you find as you dig into the riches of the city.

To be clear, your ExploreThere host will not be planning excursions or handling your affairs for you. They are just there to make sure everything runs smoothly. For the most part, you are responsible for your own safety, transportation around town and any other activities you choose to do.